Key Product Features Of Orana Documents

Our software document product is full of key real-time features that are designed to be simple and easy to use. No complex and never ending options, just simple and intuitive solutions to get the job done quickly.

Improve Your Customer Relations With Our Amazing Features

We all know how frustrating it is when you cannot find online help, or when it is out of date.

It is probably the #1 complaint out there.

Let’s say a customer contacts your helpdesk with a helpful question. You can include it in the manual immediately.

Now hit publish, and it is available to all your customers.

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The Only Software You’ll Ever Need

If you want to get good-looking manuals, training guides, or documents online quickly, and maintain them easily.

Orana Documents is the only tool you need.

User Management

You have complete control over who can create, edit and publish documents.

Orana Documents allows you to have a separate reviewer if necessary before changes are published.

Shareable Link

Each shared document has a unique shared link for websites, iframes, emails, or anywhere you can list it.

Once created, it never changes!


PDF and Word Documents

Allow each document to exported as a PDF or Word version.

The latest content is auto-created on download and is an excellent tool for more extensive documents and pictures.

Image Refactoring

Paste images directly into the document, and let our intelligent imaging technology take care of the rest.

There is no more resizing. Simply paste and watch the magic.


Drag and Drop

Are the chapters in the wrong order? No problem. Drag and drop the branch to where you need it.

We will automatically renumber and refactor your document.


Header and Footer

Include headers and footers in your documents, including a different first page.

Control page breaks before and after pages with ease.


HTML Editor

Advanced users can also edit the raw HTML that makes up the pages.

The basic HTML gives you enormous power to achieve your desired result.

Change Management

We store each version of the document.

You can easily compare each page to a previous version to see what changed.


Live Helpdesk

If you get stuck along the way, our real-time helpdesk is there if you need it.

We always welcome suggestions!

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